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Pool homes make a splash


Home building companies are increasingly featuring pools as part of their display home designs.

Once regarded as an adjunct to a house, swimming pools are now being integrated into the house design's outdoor living areas, and in some instances the inside living areas.

The benefits are manifold.

Aesthetics, for instance. A great looking pool, with its body of sparkling blue water, makes a house look much more appealing and inviting.

Family enjoyment. A pool in summer provides the main focus for home entertainment with the children.

Health. Families are more inclined to be active in exercising with a pool in their back yard.

Relaxation and wellbeing. Arguably, look out onto a body of water can be therapeutic and pleasing emotionally.

Building companies are not just adding a pool to their homes - they are embedding them into the house design so a pool is a main feature of the home.

Take for instance the Scott Salisbury "Grandview" display home in Kingston Parade, Lightsview, Northgate, in South Australia, which has an Urban Oasis pool as a mean selling point.

The pool "splits" the house's design with glassed living areas either side of the pool. Decking runs the length of the pool and an upstairs balcony looks down on the pool.

The main living area has western red cedar bi-fold doors opening onto the deck while other living areas feature a panoramic outlook of the pool through ceiling-to-floor glass windows.

Scott Salisbury display home with Urban Oasis poolGrandview by Scott SalisburyScott Salisbury pool home